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there in the trivalley and to the delta, 76 in santa rosa and that is slightly below normal and throughout the santa clara valley. tonight with the wind of mixing up the air, not as cold and last night, to 34 degrees at napa. 43 overnight and into santa rosa. here's what you need ton. the winds increase in the overnight hours and tomorrow, the wind-swept blue skies and temperatures come down slightly and this is associated with this here and that area of low pressure and that is moving out of the pacific northwest. the tail end, you will see that today and with that there and now, that is moving out. the winds increase and carve the path for that and that is producing a chance of rain by thursday. hump day, are you ready for football? the raiders, 66 degrees and a about the of a breeze. the forecast, pinpoint outlet, 63, san francisco, a good 5 degrees below normal. pair of sixs in napa, 60s everywhere and 70 degrees and in brentwood, tracy and oakley, when the wind advisory is allowed to expire. the warmest day, the workweek on wednesday and caught up with on thursday with the slight chance of rain
of a santa rosa teenager who was shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriffs deputy gathered to thank the community for their support. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot on the 22nd holding an air rifle that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle. abc7 news reporter has the latest from santa rosa. >> reporter: as candles were arranged and a cross was adjusted for the growing memorial for 13-year-old andy lopez, it was not lost on a few people here that this day marks the day of the dead. >> it's a tradition that every 1st and 2nd of november you come and celebrate the dead, or the loved ones of that passed away. >> andy lopez' parents were here a couple of hours. they left just before sunset. they did not want to speak on camera, but they said they will be in san francisco on monday for a big announcement. they will be joining their team of attorneys monday to announce a federal civil lawsuit against the sonoma county sheriff's department. organizers said they had no intention of connect being the death to this day, they just wanted to be here with the lopez family. >> everyone wants to be h
stolen out of vallejo. the driver was the only one in the car. >>> friends and family of a santa rosa teenager who was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy gathered to thank the community for their support. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot on the 22nd holding an air rifle that looked like an ax48 assault rifle. we have the late forest santa rosa. >> reporter: as candles were arranged and a cross was adjusted for the growing memorial for 13-year-old andy lopez, it was not lost on a few people here that this day marks the day of the dead. >> every 1st and 2nd of november you come and celebrate the dead, or the loved ones of that passed away. >> andy lopez' parents were here a few hours. they left just before sunset. they did not want to speak on camera, but they said they will have an announcement on monday. they will join their team of attorneys to announce a federal lawsuit against the sonoma county sheriff's department. organizers say they had no connection of connecting the 13-year-old death to the day, they just wanted to support the lopez family. >> everyone wants to be here rememb
, an attorney for the family of a boy killed by sheriff's department in santa rosa will file a civil rights lawsuit. the suit, which is expected to be filed in san francisco's federal district court, will argue that the shooting was without reasonable cause and in violation of the 4th amendment and 13-year-old andy lopez cruz was shot seven teens after neigh mistook the fake ak-47 for a real assault rifle. >>> a pleasanton man nearly beaten to death is recovering. he woke up from his medically- induced coma. he was attacked by a group of teens in september when he went outside and told them to be quiet. his is no longer life- threatening but he's not able to speak. the investigation is on hold until police can question him. >>> and some b.a.r.t. workers will start off their week tomorrow with a brand-new contract and that is a fresh start after months of bitter negotiations, birthing, and strikes that got trying for the writing public. 88% of the seiu's members, they're usually the janitors and such, approved the new contract on friday. 88% of atu, including staging agents and drivers, vote
yet but that will be changing. as far as the current wind speeds. santa rosa winds 17 miles an hour. in fairfield 9 miles an hour and more reports coming up. that will be the overall wind direction over the next two days. as i mentioned the wind speeds will be increasing. coming up the timing of a wind advisory, we could have gusts to 45 miles an hour and break down the temperature drop for the second half of the weekend. >>> happening now the first gamblers are trying their luck at california latest taste after vegas a new casino in san ohma county. it is set to open tuesday -- sonoma county. >> the party for invited guests. >> people are still coming in to this huge casino. biggest in northern california, look the parking garage has six how to spots. no question, since they built it players will come, the question, how many. >> guests flowed into the new casino tonight. >> this car from san rafael, 25 minutes away. i think i'm coming for the opening, see how lucky i am tonight. this was a soft opening for members of the tribe, their families and invited guests. >> my instructions
. 60 in oakland right now. 56 in santa rosa as the northwest winds mixing in some warmer and drier air down toward sea level. winds now around santa rosa. that's the hint of things to come. as we look at the wind advisory now in affect for all hill top locations around 1,000 feet. between now and sunrise, you see these areas in orange near san jose and around the east bay hills, wind gusts close to 30 miles per hour at times, maybe up to 45 miles per hour around daybreak tomorrow morning and staying breezy throughout the day on sunday. lows into the 50s and first tonight. we're talking patchy frost in the forecast. we'll show you chilly changes ahead in your seven-day forecast in a minute. >> b.a.r.t. workerses have approved a temporary contract deal that not only ends last month's strike but should mean no more strikes for several years b.a.r.t. officials announced today they reaped agreement with the transit union local. last night they reached ingredient with sciu workers. ip proved safety conditions for b.a.r.t. workers and requires workers to pay na their pensions for the first ti
with clear skies. some of us not as chilly as yesterday either. look at the wind in santa rosa. >> 15 in novato. and not too bad. definitely a breeze there. and there is the santa rosa airport and because of the win, santa rosa 10 degrees warmer this morning. novato, anywhere from eight to 10 degrees warmer this morning. >> the light jacket that mike mentioned, you have to consider the breeze and the windchill factor. >> 38 degrees and big difference here. where they are blowing stronger. and not so much. >> we have 38 degrees. and 52 in half moon bay and 50 in redwood city. this is a chilly 38 degrees outside your door. these are the clouds. i they will be able to migrate over the area. and we will continue with the cool temperatures. >> breezy for some. and mix of high and midlevel clouds. this is the afternoon. starting here by 11:00 noontime. they are moving over the bay area. and down into san jose. then we will be in between. white sky at times. sun sets at 5:10 this afternoon. and we will be with mostly cloudy conditions. with the white sky you may not notice. the cloud will be
in american history. he was the fuse that lit the fire. in 1944, 11 years before rosa parks refused to move to the back of my primary bus, lieutenant robinson was court-martialed for insisting successfully the fort hood, texas heard of desegregating benefits. he was a lieutenant only because when he was excluded from officer's kennedy school scum he pretested enough to another black at fort riley, kansas, heavyweight champ in, joe louis. the athletic successes of lewis and just yelling in an 1830s, jackie robinson's brother matt from the 200-meter dash at the berlin olympics made the absence of blacks in baseball glaring. then the war in which blacks worse till in hitlerism, nurtured the idea that anyone who could cross omaha beach should also be eligible to cross major-league file lines. also, commercial considerations mingled in the ethical. until the war, three quarters of all blacks lived in the south and all 16 major league teams were in the north. more production drew blacks north to the bleachers. as takeout makes clear in his splendid book, baseball's great experiment, jackie rabin
-sheltered valleys this morning it is chilly. 38 in napa. santa rosa, 48, as the winds have kept our temperatures up for the most part a bit warmer this morning in parts of the north bay except as you get further north to ukiah, 35 degrees this morning. chillier though around parts of the south bay where the winds are light and under clear skies. our temperatures have dropped off. right now enough of a breeze to keep the morning temperatures up for this morning, but tomorrow morning as the winds back off and the skies clear overnight, we will see a chance of patchy frost. right now mostly sunshine, but as we head through the afternoon, we'll see high clouds out of that system start to make its way towards the bay area. we'll see breezy conditions during the day, increasing high clouds, then the winds back off, skies clear overnight. 30s and 40s in the bay area. lake tahoe, temperatures in the teens coming up tonight. so that cooler air reaching most of northern california. so hour by hour, the wind speeds, 15 to 25 miles per hour. still high enough for a wind advisory at times in the north bay hills
currently we have wind gusts up to 29 miles per hour in san rafael, 27 in santa rosa, napa at 35. watch as the evening progresses and up until tomorrow morning sun-up we see that the winds are still up to 30 north of the golden gate bridge, barely a breeze to note in gilroy. but during the afternoon hours, i think you get the flavor. it will be a breezy afternoon with west and northwesterlies. right now wind-swept blue skies in san jose. get a good look at that. it's gorgeous out there. san jose currently at 65. average high 73 degrees. air temperature 59 san francisco. 60s into the low 70s inland. 57 degrees partly cloudy right now in ocean beach. winds out of the west at 24. humidity at 80%. bottom line tonight sunset 6:10. sunrise tomorrow morning a full hour earlier at 6:38. and we have yet another chance of rain in the forecast and i'll feature that but first things first. today above average highs east the bay in livermore and fairfield. 76 santa rosa. numbers pretty much in the 60s around the central bay. tumbling to the mid-40s. the wind mixes up the air mass. we have an area o
and those are under way. rosa garcia had a death or he would be here. he noticed several in his area. now they are just blossoming all over. people gone in there, a woman went in there to think she was getting a foot massage and basically it was three men came out and while this was happening. i would like to say a french teacher of mine was talking about a girl, what makes her so special is that she's not finished yet. these girls are captives. there is international racketeering who traffic these girls 16 years old or younger and they bring them in. i brought you some ads, newly young asian girls. even myself, i knew a young asian girl who came to san francisco, she's about 15 or 16. gorgeous, her whole life ahead of her. she could have been a movie star. within the first day she was picked up by a guy who i knew was a pimp down the street and they were able to get her out of here. >> thank you very much. are there any other members who would like to comment on item no. 2? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> motion to be sent to the full bo
. the temperature right now is just 42 degrees. concord is just 40 at this hour. santa rosa at 48 degrees. raiders will be playing today out at the colosseum. 66 degrees gametime temp. plenty of sunshine. today the temperature is about 60 degrees. clear skies. as is much of the rest of the bay area, low pressure moving in over the pacific northwest, the puget sound, a few high clouds on the way later in the day. aside from that, the general feel will be a little breezy, especially in the north bay. strong winds up around nampa right now. gusty to 25 miles per hour. for the north, a little windier. cool today and breezy. mild and sunny start to the week and then cloudy and cooler by thursday. here's how it looks for us today. san jose will mostly be everybody in the 60s. santa clara 67, and he acts up to 67 as well. a little bit below average at 69 degrees. a little bit of a chill in the city. oakland 67. sausalito, 65. we taken the chance of rain out of the latter half of the week. we continue with his unusually dry cell. mostly sunny but a little cooler as we get toward the end of the week. a few
to join them for the neighborhood event. in santa rosa, abc7 news. >>> police are searching for a gunman who robbed customers at a san francisco hair salon yesterday. it happened just before noon at the pampered girl salon on gulf street in hails valley. three customers were getting their hair and nails done when they busted inside taking money, smartphones and tablets. they say robberies are rare in that neighborhood. >>> san jose police are searching for a mentally handicapped man who has been missing since friday. 54-year-old man was last seen around 3:30 on vine street. authorities say conseco has a previous head injury that left him with diminished mental capacity. he walks a limp, he has a cane. he's described at 5'8", 140 pounds with black air and a beard. he was last seen wearing a black jacket, white t-shirt, black pants and flip-flops. >>> in almeda county, sixteen agers have been rescued before getting lost hiking on mission people regional preserve. they say they got to the top of the peak and lost the trail heading back. >> we got on the wrong route so then we tried backtrac
? with nothing to complain about. rosa is sitting next to me. we were just saying, nothing to complain about. >> i'm so inspired. let's go for a run, don. >> yeah. you are here, you will talk about the futuristic, cute, moving. we just heard about the inspirational. you have other news around the world. >> this first story, we will start in china. if we ever see this in our lifetime, don, check this out. an unmanned car competition. three-day smart car challenge where 18 unmanned vehicles drive through an 18 kilometers of circuit. they have recognition, construction detours. i would fail that one. obstacle avoidance and the end stop. now some of the participants are from chinese and foreign universities. now, don, you've got to prepare it say, ahhhhh. >> not about the car, right? >> no, not about the car. about the next story. you've got to meet the 26-month-old female panda cub. are you ready to say awwwweee. the cub will be released into the while after more than two years of wildlife training in southwest china to minimize human intervention. here is the crux of the story, don. with that
. and about 50s outside in santa rosa. 51 degrees in fremont. and 50s also in san jose. breezy. ... 66 degrees and concord. 50s in half moon bay. for this evening it is going to be chilly. the wind has going to be gusting. 49 degrees in hayward. and also 50s in downtown san francisco and overnight lows point to be in the 30's in the 40's! with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay coming up. >> bart and its unions are getting closer to finalizing a new labor contract. the two largest unions voted to ratify the contract offer that ended the worker strike last month. the contract gives unions a 15 percent raise over four well as improved safety enhancements like bullet-proof glass for station agent booths. bart management says the contract also lets them update technology without always needing union approval. the technological updates will help bart implement everything from wireless handheld devices to the simple use of email over going forward.the contract will need final approval from the bart board.the vote will likely come before the board at their meeting on november 21-st. >> a
stories about it, is one of the great defenders of states rights, well, we're taking our cue from rosa parks. rosa parks was protesting against the state and local ordinance. when we heard about the incursions of the federal government, what we forget is where a lot of the oppression has happened is at the state level. you know, there was a great libertarian figure forgotten now named carl hess. he said a long time ago, i don't understand why conservatives say they want a more efficient local government. or they say they like local government better because it's more efficient. he said if you're a libertarian, you don't want efficient government. you want to be free where it matters most. and it's really at the state and local level where there has been so much oppression, so many rights withheld, so many ordinances that were unjust. it feels a little disingenuous for people to pull states rights out as a way of guaranteeing people's freedoms. >> right. i want to just pull something out that actually you wrote, sam. i think particularly in the age of president obama, it has -- the lang
evening. currently in the mid-60s in santa rosa after a high there today of 76 degrees, which couple degrees above average, 77 for the warm spot in livermore, cool spot behind me, pacifica mid- to high 50s. tonight when you have a wind it mixes up the air masso it won't be as cold as last night when we dip down to 36 degrees in napa. instead, 41 there. mid-50s across the santa clara valley. okay, here's how it's spelling out your forecast. clear skies overnight but breezy to windy. tomorrow windy, sunny. an area of low pressure against the pacific northwest providing much rain. the tail end sweeps across the northern half of the state and disintegrates. it's dry. so this is now kicking out east but it carves a path for that right there. it's the next area of low pressure that wants to bring us at least a slight chance of rain showers on thursday that bears watching. how does this affect your raiders game? it doesn't. 66 degrees, lots of sunshine, albeit on the breezy side. tomorrow winds 10 to 20. occasional stronger gusts, 58 degrees again in pacifica, mid- 60s in the central bay an
gate bridge, san rafael area, all way to santa rosa, 25 miles per hour wind gusts from gilroy. it will be sunny and like now clear skies looking at our kpix weather camera looking out towards san francisco, 68 currently. in the mid-50s. it will not be as cold tonight due to the wind. today highs 58 in pacifica. slightly above normal for this time of year and throughout the tri-valley. upper 60s throughout san josi, almaden glen. now tonight between with the air mass getting all mixed up due to the breezy and windy conditions, temperatures in the 40s, compare that with last night in napa when it was 34 degrees. tonight, overnight, clear skies, but breezy to windy conditions. tomorrow, wind-swept blew skies and a couple of degrees cooler than today. the extended forecast calls for yet another chance of rain forecast, also an area of low pressure. see right there the tail-end of that system? that is a breeze through our bay area and that is where we saw the mid and high-level clouds. it's traversing in an easterly direction and as it does, so it's carving a path for back here, th
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the good essay by chris hedges on the radical dissent. he is quoted rosa luxemburg so i'm checking out rosa luxemburg doing my fact checking. a revolutionary so you're creating profiles that could easily be used by others. >> and the data aggregators as marketers have similar profiles and one of the problems with select thing tidbits of data and not looking at it as an integrated whole is just as you say your choice of what movies you see, what products you i will label you as an anarchist and the dangerous with the anarchists, right now it again goes back to the issue of funding for private corporations. there is competition among department of homeland security and other local agencies that received dhs funding say a municipal police department to identify so-called terrorist threats. now we see the catchall anarchists being used a lot. after the environmental animal rights activist in 2005 were deemed top domestic terrorism threats. now it's anarchists. i was at the republican national convention in florida the year before last and the police or the fbi issued a report of an anarchists t
advisory up for the bay area until monday at 7:00 a.m. gusts to 29 in santa rosa right now. the south bay calm right now. san carlo, only 6 miles an hour. that is sustained wind in san jose. by the way if you are heading to the raiders game tomorrow, no complaints. hazy sunshine. it will be chillier. with daytime highs only in the mid to low 60s and the breeze will be with you as well. also around the state we'll look for 68 for los angeles, 70, fresno. windy near monterey tomorrow, 59 degrees. and yosemite, 59 as well. if you are going east, washington, d.c. enjoys sunshine, a fall like day at 54 degrees. 68 for dallas. and denver, 63 degrees. remember, before you go to bed, it's time to fall back. set your clock back one hour as a return to pacific standard time 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. otherwise we warm up tuesday and wednesday and we cool it down thursday and friday with a slight chance of showers then. >> time to bring out the heavier coats. >>> she was here and a mix of everything. >> the warriors and kings renewed their rivalry. so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way
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about but perhaps his reading of "green eggs and ham" could come up. that's your weekly five. >> rosa flores, thank you so much. >>> police are looking for four suspects. they say gunfire occurred saturday night in a grassy area on campus and the victim was a considerable distance away. campus was locked down for about 30 minutes. police arrested the parents after 10-year-old girl whose body was found burned in a trash can. the girl's dad called 911 yesterday saying he was suicidal. he also told the dispatcher his daughter drunk some sort of chemical and died. the dad pointed officers it a trash can where they found a badly burned body. the girl's father and step mother have now been charged with murder. >>> a man faces charges for accidentally setting his wife on fire at a gas station. the surveillance camera reported the whole thing as the couple was standing next to the truck. look at that. while pumping gas, the husband started a cigarette lighter that caused vapor fire. his wife received third degree burns. her husband faces reckless conduct charge. >> hello, everyone. i'm don le
this morning, a cool start but you might think 48 seems chilly in santa rosa. but actually we're running a little warmer thanks to the fact we've got some north winds across the north bay valleys this morning. that is leading to some temperature changes of about ten degrees warm they are morning, but that's going to start to go away as we see temperatures cooling off thanks to clouds spilling in this afternoon and cooler, drier air settling in over the next couple mornings. we could have some patchy frost in the north bay tomorrow morning. today highs low to mid-60s, increasing clouds, breezy at times. less wind into tomorrow morning, so we'll see 30s and 40s next couple mornings. afternoons will be trending a bit warmer and then next weekend a chance of seeing some showers. >>> walnut creek police are investigating two burglaries and an armed robbery that all happened in just 24 hours at a mall that's usually pretty quiet. we're talking about the palo ver decimal with lunardi's market is. it took just a matter of moments for a burglar to smash a glass door and bust into a thai restauran
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)